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Arnaud Leclère

Since oct. 2020 : Operations & Regulatory Affairs Director
Since oct. 2011 : I've been working for Agrauxine


I'm in charge of operations and regulatory affairs for Agrauxine, Lesaffre's plant care business unit.
We develop and manufacture micro-organism-based products (yeasts, bacteria and fungi) for crop protection and plant stimulation. (i.e. Biocontrol / Biostimulation).

Operations include the industrialisation and supply-chain stages.
I work in cross-functional management with the production, quality and supply-chain managers at the various plants (Lesaffre, Agrauxine or subcontractors) with which we work. Then I'm responsible for the overall supply chain, and in particular for the challenges of the first few years of life for each of our products.

At the same time, I'm responsible for Safety and I'm the Agrauxine IT referent.


In my fourteenth year of Work

I live in Les Ponts-de-Cé, France

38 years old, Married with four children

Outside of Work


A passion for more than 15 years.

Years with many projects like years with lots of family photos! Today, it is mainly photos of landscapes, nature. A long time ago I had a lot of fun with virtual tours – 360°.

Do not hesitate to visit my Portfolio on my website.

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<i class="fa fa-camera"></i>   Photography
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Multisport, I am today very regular in trail.

I take part in several trail, running and gravel   competitions each year.

I like to play golf, mainly on summer weekends!

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